Świętokrzyska Federacja Agroturystyki i Turystyki Wiejskiej "Ziemia Świętokrzyska"

Registered seat:
Podmarzysz 4 E
26-021 Daleszyce

Mailing address:
ul. Chopina 15/3
25-356 Kielce
Phone: +48 15 832 01 16; 15 832 01 17

Traditional farming techniques, family-operated farms and clean nature provide a basis for the agritourism farms of the Świętokrzyskie region to offer a wide range of traditional products. These are available both from the farmers and from local outlets, such as selected bakeries, restaurants or butcher's shops. Based on centuries-old tradition, they come as a guarantee of healthy nutrition, confirmed by a awards in numerous competitions. Enjoy!



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