Świętokrzyska Federacja Agroturystyki i Turystyki Wiejskiej "Ziemia Świętokrzyska"

Registered seat:
Podmarzysz 4 E
26-021 Daleszyce

Mailing address:
ul. Chopina 15/3
25-356 Kielce
Phone: +48 15 832 01 16; 15 832 01 17

Świętokrzyska Federacja Agroturystyki i Turystyki Wiejskiej "Ziemia Świętokrzyska"

["Świętokrzyskie Land" Federation for Agritourism and Rural Tourism]

Tax ID (NIP): 959-15-30-118 ; Statistical No. (Regon): 292659706

Mailing address: ul. Chopina 15/3, 25-356 Kielce, Poland

Phone: +48 15 832 01 16; 15 832 01 17


President: Zdzisław Pniewski, phone: +48 501 676 511


Registered seat:

Podmarzysz 4 E

26-021 Daleszyce


Management Board of the Federation:

President: Zdzisław Pniewski

Vice-President: Ewa Borycka

Vice-President: Leszek Trębacz

Treasurer: Ewa Zaczek-Kucharska

Secretary: Paweł Gratka

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Świętokrzyska Federacja Agroturystyki i Turystyki Wiejskiej "Ziemia Świętokrzyska", founded in 2002, is a voluntary union of agritourism associations from the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship (Świętokrzyskie Province).

The Federation is composed of six agritourism associations and the Świętokrzyskie Agricultural Chamber (Świętokrzyska Izba Rolnicza).


The Federation's objectives are:

- to provide a uniform representation for agritourism farms from the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship (a partner for bodies and authorities at the province and central levels),

- to ensure a richer and uniform supply of services by agritourism farms,

- to facilitate the access to external funding for agritourism farms,

- to propagate the image of our region as an attractive tourist destination in terms of its cultural and natural resources,

- to cooperate with the media, produce publications and promotional materials,

- to participate in fairs and exhibitions,

- to focus promotional activities on raising the incomes of agritourism farms by raising the number of their visitors.


Members of the Federation:

- "Nad Zalewem Chańcza" Hospitable Farms Associations

- "Żeremie" Agrotourism Association of the Commune of Daleszyce

- "Łysogóry" Świętokrzyskie Agritourism Society in Nowa Słupia

- "W Krainie latających czarownic" Świętokrzyskie Agritourism Association

- "Dolina Czarnej" Agritourism Association

- "CIS" Association of Hospitable and Organic Farms

- Świętokrzyskie Agricultural Chamber

These Associations represent ca. 120 agritourism farms.

Tasks performed:

- participation in fairs and promotional events,

- training courses and meetings for Federation members and stakeholder groups,

- intervention measures in difficult cases and disputes concerning agritourism


- contribution to the development of promotional materials and production of publications

promoting agritourism farms,

- organization of open-air events and promos,

- cooperation with local government units,

- development of tourism products.






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